History and Background of Samaritans Touch Organisation

Samaritans Touch Organisation was founded in 2012 and registered with the government of South Sudan in July 2014; as a result of initiative amongst talented professional from various field areas of specialization among them include IT, Community development, Educationist, Medical, Agriculturalist among other professions.

Samaritan touch is a Christian nongovernmental, nonpartisan, not for profit humanitarian organization based on Christian values. On the belief that humanity is not only about the material satisfaction but also the spiritual for a full living addressing poverty and restoring hope to those in need of basic services.

Humanitarian crisis are a leading course of suffering for the innocent persons in South Sudan, Africa and the world at large. Samaritans Touch Organization therefore is engaging its efforts to address the situation in collaboration with other actors to effectively and quickly respond to the suffering of innocent persons as a result of conflict imposed on them either naturally or as a result of man created conflict so as to restore hope and meaningful living to the affected persons.

Organizational Beliefs

Samaritans Touch Organization beliefs that poverty is as a result of combined factors that range from social, economic, political, environmental factors that need concerted efforts to brake the bondage between them simultaneously in order to attain sustainable development.

It’s therefore a holistic approach to address the underpinning root causes of this pandemic through community lead approach and supporting the already existing coping mechanism within the society.

Samaritan touch also embraces the spirit of accountability for the resources entrusted unto us by the donors and also to our partners so as to improve the living standards of the target beneficiary community.