Public and private partners are a key component of Samaritan Touch Organisations’s success. STO is proud to have collaborated with a number of leading organizations and companies from a variety of sectors. We still advocate for more partners to support us in our Objectives.

Alongside hundreds of local relationships, we have also partnered on a global and regional scale. Together with our partners, we aim address some of the most pervasive problems in South sudan through a number of sustainable interventions.

We are grateful that our partners believe in STO’s mission and approach and continue to engage with us. In addition to critical financial support, our partners provide strategic development expertise and advice on a number of programs.

When it comes to our business partners, we fully understand their corporate social responsibility and marketing strategies.

Provide a Bible: $12

Share the story of Jesus Christ and the glory of God’s Creation. When local communities request Bibles, your gift will mean so much for a child who’s eager to have a Bible in his or her own language. What a wonderful way to show a Child God’s love!

Give monthly to help Christian commitment: $15 / $30

As we help children, Youth and families gain access to essential livelihood — like clean water, nutritious food, and healthcare we make every effort to serve as a lively witness through our lives, deeds, and words to God’s unconditional love for all people and the hope available in Christ so that the light of God may shine brightly.

Your monthly gift will help ensure that STO serves as an inspirational light of God’s love, touching the lives of children, youth and families and the vulnerable communities in South Sudan.