Samaritan touch Organisation (STO) is a busy and vibrant place to work and there’s always room for volunteers to join us and help out. Just bring your time and energy to make a difference and experience life in South sudan.

Volunteering at Samaritan touch Organisation Opportunities are extremely varied and involvement can range from a few days to a few months or longer or anything in between. All that we ask, is that volunteers have an interest and desire in supporting the vulnerable children and their families that are at the heart of our work. You will not only gain experience working with a small NGO but also have an exciting time experiencing life in South Sudan, the nature of set up of unique villages as well the nearby town suburbs.

Samaritan touch Organisation has a fully staffed team, however there’s room for anybody looking to volunteer their time and energy. An open mind and forward-thinking attitude will make the most of your time with us. Due to our emphasis on personal community engagement our volunteers can get as involved as they wish.

Samaritans Touch Organisation beliefs that poverty is as a result of combined factors that range from social, economic, political, environmental factors that need concerted efforts to brake the bondages between them simultaneously in order to attain sustainable development. It’s therefore a holistic approach to address the underpinning root causes of this pandemic through community lead approach and supporting the already existing coping mechanism within the society.

Each person has a different skill set and because of our small size we try and utilise every volunteer who walks through the door to their full potential. The skills you’ve acquired from other jobs, volunteer placements, life experiences, and educational achievements can all be used here in some capacity.